Hello! My name is Amberly, as you may have gathered from the not-so-creative title of my blog. 😉


I am a writer, a clarinetist, a visual artist, a student, a Christian, a dog-lover, a coffee addict, and an absolute nerd.

I’m also passionate about creating habits and environments that can help those who struggle with their mental health.

In my own struggles with mental health, I have found that my love for the arts has been a huge help to me. Additionally, as someone who is looking for a career in the arts, I have found that my mental health greatly impacts how I operate as an artist.

This blog is meant to be a resource for artists of any kind who are looking to build healthier habits. It is also an invitation to you to come along with me on my journey to be a healthier artist.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope that you’ll stay a while. 🙂